05 March 2013

Saying that I’m moving my blog from Blogger because I find it uncomfortable, I would say only a half-truth.

After all you’ll not find old posts here. In such case the first post wuold have been titled Moving the blog to… or something similar. I admit, I’ve misused the old blog: creating short article that would have been placed in Twitter and creating posts just to highlight something interesting.

However some articles had good consensus and one day may will be migrated here.


So it’s clear that this is a statement of intent: create articles that let me understand things better during the process of sharing.

It’ll try to focus programming concepts both from implementation and design perspective. The most of samples will be for .NET Framework in C# (with the hope to cover some F# in near future).

But I want point out that I’m not here to teach, I’m here to learn.


If you want you can follow me on Twitter as @gsscoder, where I’ll post when a new article is created.


It’s extremely easy to use, requires few tools to get a blog up and running and can be hosted hassle free in an a GitHub repository (of which I’m a big fan).

I made ​​the final decision when I found this guide and when Mark Seemann talked about its switch to this platform in Twitter. By the way don’t miss to read his blog.

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