Bootstrapping the third blog

I used to have a Blogger blog for years. It was my first blog, I had few projects on CodePlex (now dismissed) and used it mainly to notify updates. In that glorious days was born a project that you may know if you’re a .NET developer. The project is Command Line Parser library, at the moment hosted inside a GitHub organization.

The second blog, like this one, was created using Jekyll and GitHub Pages. I admit things weren’t easy like today, and with much ordinary work to do, I was too lazy to post articles.

This was bootstrapped in minutes forking from Jekyll Now repository.

Anyway I’ve reposted articoles from second blog:

Thanks to jekyll-now I created my third blog in very few time and in a simple way.

Hoping to post more than in the past, I wish you good reading!

If you want to comment, please send me a pull request.

Written on January 10, 2020