Three ways to Azure RM

In latest months I switched from developing applications to designing their build infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. It was quite challenging at the beginning, but it’s a very interesting and rewarding field.

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Consuming F# results in C#

We know that C# is the .NET language we should use to build vanilla class libraries. A library built with that language will be easly consumed in other .NET dialects. After all this is why the BCL is written in this language.

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Scraping Google with AngleSharp

Web scraping is the act of extracting data from web sites. From a programming standpoint it’s performing an HTTP request and parsing the HTML response. This may involve taking care of various low level details, like handling a stateful session and run into bad formed HTML.

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Discriminated unions in C#

Discriminated unions are an expressive construct used to describe values that can be modeled under one or more cases. This is the syntax as in MSDN documentation:

type type-name =
   | case-identifier1 [of type1 [ * type2 ...]
   | case-identifier2 [of type3 [ * type4 ...]
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